Volunteer and Job Opportunities

Interested in MyHauntedForest? Come work for us!

We can discuss pay (contract, hourly, etc.) at casting calls / upon hire.

Zone Directors
Zone Directors oversee an assigned zone with the assistance of their Lead Actors. They’re responsible for the actors, equipment and guests in their zone. They ensure their team members get the correct costumes and makeup and are ready prior to our opening meeting.
Before My Haunted Forest opens, Zone Directors check their assigned zone to make sure it’s clean, free of debris and safe for guests and staff. They also turn on equipment, such as fog machines, generators, lighting, and speakers, in their zone prior to My Haunted Forest opening, and then turn it off at the end of the night.

Lead Actors

Lead Actors assist their Zone Director with actor training and team motivation, as well as helping other actors find the correct costumes and directing actors to their assigned position. Lead Actors help give breaks, fill in wherever needed, and assist their Zone Director. At the end of the night, Lead Actors help with making sure everyone makes it to the closing meeting and returning costumes properly.

Supporting Actors

Supporting Actors are strong actors that can follow a script, as well as improvise, and work with other actors to create a scene. They should be capable of acting to a camera, while still performing for guests.

Volunteer Actors

Volunteer Actors help to fill scenes and enhance the show for guests. We need multiple actors in each scene and Volunteer Actors help make this happen. We provide actor training, costumes, and makeup! My Haunted Forest loves to have groups volunteer for a single night or multiple nights! Youth groups, scout groups, sports teams, and school clubs are all welcome!

Parking Attendants

Parking attendants direct incoming cars into the correct lots and parking stalls, as well as directing outgoing traffic towards exits. They help direct foot traffic and keep guests safe from moving cars.


My Haunted Forest offers a variety of internship positions, such as acting, costumes and makeup, IT, production assistants, prop making and scene design, and ticketing. Interns are required to commit to working a minimum number of nights prior to the position becoming paid.

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