Guest Policies

Please be reminded that the rules at The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms are to ensure everyone’s good time and safety. These rules are strictly enforced by security staff in and around the attractions. 

  1. By entering The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms, you agree to follow all rules, both listed below and under COVID-19 Policies, failure to do so will result in dismissal from the property without refund. The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms reserves the right to remove any persons failing to follow rules and/or directions of staff without refund.
  2. By entering The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms, you are consenting to being photographed, filmed (including audio) or otherwise recorded, which may be used in perpetuity in any form of media related to The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms.
  3. No flashlights, lighters, or flash photography is permitted inside The Haunted Forest. Cameras are permitted outside of the attraction only. Our intent is to scare you and we do not wish to have the quality of the scares in our show inhibited.
  4. Weapons are prohibited at the Haunted Forest at Grand Farms.
  5. Please do not touch any actors or operators. No scene will call for touching ANYONE.
  6. Do not touch props, torches, or any other items found in The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms.
  7. We encourage you to arrive during your time slot, as this helps to keep our queue line manageable and wait times reasonable. We will do our best to accommodate you when you arrive. Please note that- Time Slots are not reservations. We cannot guarantee that you will be in the attraction during your Time Slot. We’ve introduced time slots as a way to manage attendance and help keep our queue line moving.
  8. This attraction includes the use of strobe and flashing lights, as well as fog machines. If you have a medical condition or other cause of sensitivity to strobe lights or fog machines, it is recommended that you do not enter the attraction.
  9. Upon purchasing or receiving your ticket to The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms, you waive all responsibility on the part of The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms or any of its agents in the event of injury or loss. The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Please secure any loose articles that could be lost in the attractions as we will not be able to look for the item until the next day.
  10. Customers assume all of the risks involved with any activity of this type including, but not limited to, inadvertent contact, rowdiness on your part as well as other customers, etc.
  11. Pets are not allowed in The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms, however service animals are permitted. The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms has free-range dogs and cats onsite.
  12. Smoking and Alcohol is not allowed on the premises. This includes e-cigarettes and vapes. Any guest appearing intoxicated will be asked to leave the premises with no refund.
  13. We are unable to issue refunds.


COVID-19 Policies

These policies have been updated for the 2021 season.

As COVID-19 is still a concern in many communities, we are following guidance from the CDC and local policies. We may update our policies if new guidelines are put in place locally.

The CDC recommends the use of masks. If you are feeling unwell please stay home and reschedule your visit. See the CDC  website for more info on current recommendations.

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